The Atta Monster In A Few

Real Name: Atiyya Karodia

Grew Up In: Sandton (explains why I’m so finnicky too)

Went To: Wendywood High School (where I learnt the beauty of being a Suburban Hoodrat)

Didn’t Attend Uni Because: Marketing, Communications and Journalism do not reside within the confines of a lecture hall.

Used To: Skateboard, Paint, Write, Sing, Swear & Politicize

What I Do Now: Eat, Breathe & Sleep PR & Digital Marketing

My 5 Year Plan: To help a top-notch agency to powerhouse standards or run a full service PR & Digital Marketing Agency that will be a Powerhouse. 

Most Embarrasing: I used to listen to Hilary Duff & Ashlee Simpson. I have a thing for Gingers who look like Shaun White.

Last Words: Is this the real world. Is this just fantasy? *Dressed in Red Latex*


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