“Look Ma, No Fingers”

Lately I’ve been faced with the prospect of aging but not of the Olay selling-point persuasion, rather how well equipped I will be to efficiently adopt new technologies. The question plaguing me has been quite simply:

Will I be the super smart Grandmother who gets the hang of every new piece of tech, or will I be the Gran who needs to be coached through every hoop that an innovation holds up to me?

The truthful answer is that I could easily fall into the latter by means of completely underestimating the leaps and bounds away from the familiar navigation we use today. Kids are no longer well coordinated with a mouse, but can tilt a smartphone screen to perform an action with remarkable accuracy.

So how will technology be such a far cry from what we use today? Allow me to make a calculated prediction.

Many people think that we’ll move onto technologies like voice recognition, I disagree with that acceptance as something for the ‘future’, we are very much using voice recognition daily in the form of Siri. I’m of the opinion that we’ll be using gesture control so intricate that as touch-screen gurus, will have us flailing while our grand-kids attempt to explain that all we have to do is touch the first crease on our pinky finger to select an option. And to be realistic, we’re not so far off thanks to the okes over at Thalmic Labs with the Myo band (and a bunch of other tech  innovators) which registers commands by changes in the muscle usage in your forearm. Gesture control currently results in all of us looking like knobs in front of our TVs, waving our arms around just trying to turn the damn thing off.

Now wouldn’t it be nicer if I could give the twelebs on Vuzu a solid middle finger to change the channel?


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