Some Tow Trucking Advice

Road to Maloof - Copy

So you aren’t employed by an agency (whether by choice or because your little pink net-book makes you look like the Indian version of Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde) and that means you have to chase clients down by yourself. You’re like the side-job oke from the East Rand who does everything from fridges to fashion (supposedly). What’s painful is that you simply can’t chase down the big wigs. You’re stuck chasing down the little guys, the hipsters who think that vintage means contemporary and seeing life through an Instagram filter makes everything better. And yeah, they pay the bills, but let me tell you something about the young scene in JHB.

Nobody knows what the f*** is going on. What’s more, nobody really cares.

So here are a few pointers young people. If you’re holding an event, and you want to be so professional that you make people sign contract, DON’T ADD ON TO THE CONTRACT AS YOU PLEASE. If you’re a little label pretending to be big, don’t make me pitch, sign on for my services and then disappear. If you’re a label that requires me to do Social Media Management, remember that there is only so much material i can pull off the web before fans start asking what the hell this clothing label actually  does.

Don’t talk up an idea which hasn’t taken off yet. Don’t talk, just do dammit. And don’t get into fights with your venue’s owner, thus ruining any future of hosting an event there.

Most importantly though, if you’re running one of the biggest events on the SA alternative sports calender, don’t pitch me an idea at the bank without an email to back it up, don’t demand a design before the end of that week, don’t criticize the design because you don’t know what San rock art has to do with your event’s location, but most importantly, don’t get me worked up on an awesome opportunity, and then disappear off the face of the earth.


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