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The Battle of Reach vs Engagement

It’s an internal war that countless Social Media Managers battle with, whether your focus should revolve around the Reach of your posts and tweets, or whether you should judge the success of your strategy based on the level of engagement it attracts and initiates.

So what should you get your knickers in a bunch about anyway?

I thought the answer was simple, Engagement trumps Reach every time, but I still find myself looking at the Reach stats underneath every Facebook post, regardless of whether it has 10 comments in 15 minutes. A reach of less than 50 scares the pants off me, and it all boils down to your purpose as a strategist.

Unless you’re managing a big brand like, let’s say, Blackberry, your purpose is to grow the Reach of a brand, to build it’s following, to sway more people in favor of your client, so should it really make you blush when you engage with a loyal fan base when in essence, your activity is redundant?

Well actually, it should make you blush, it should make you swoon, because while you may hook your clients with the words “i can double your fan base”, what you also mean to say is that you’ll maintain the good relationship with the brand’s current consumer support base while drawing in new fans.

Ding Ding Ding. So who wins the battle, Reach or Engagement?

I say both, because a wors roll is not a wors roll without a roll (Engagement) and Championship Boerewors (Reach). Now, who’s hungry..


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