Social Media Success Is About Instinct Not Formulae

A request that includes clearly stating the nature of content I will be posting and tweeting not a week into the future, or a month, but for the next 6 months is the sort of mindset that makes my stomach turn.

It’s the worst kind of notion expressed by a lot of people who are still sold on the processes of traditional PR, these poor souls have been indoctrinated by the old school protocol of scheduled action, but we need to save these sheep from their heathen ways, through, erm, education.

Here’s the deal:

Social Media is volatile purely because of the nature of its users, therefore, unless you are a master of mass psychology or a psychic, you will not be able to predict what content will direct the most traffic to your pages and website. It is impossible to predict what trend will be sweeping the globe in 4 months time, Social Media does not operate on a formula, it operates on instinct.

Want an example of how agencies can be instinctual on Social Media? Two words, Harlem Shake. What was just a viral video was seen as an opportunity by the genii at Gorilla Creative Media, who made an Astronaut Harlem Shake video as an online buzz-building event for client Axe’s “nothing beats an Astronaut” campaign.

Was there perhaps an oke in their office half a year ago who had a That’s So Raven vision, jumped up and said “brothers, 6 months from today, a moving picture series will have taken over the internet as we know it. This video will be called….

The Harlem Shake”?

No. There wasn’t, because Digital Marketing is unpredictable, and while a trend can be anticipated, it cannot be predicted. Anyone can draft and send out a press release, schedule industry related tweets for the next decade if need be and RT every mention, but what makes an agency the best is when a trend is not just something to laugh at, but rather, something to capitalise on.

So my response to the request is as follows:

I am unable to state ‘clearly’ the nature of my content for the next 6 months. Because I am not Yoda.


Atiyya Karodia

PR & Social Manager for The Second Most Taxing Client I’ve Ever Had


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