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Social Is For The Little Guy (Mainly)

Digital Marketing is the type of industry that sometimes gets carried away with the superficial benefits of its purpose. Strategy meetings and articles are packed with Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, Retweets, Mentions, and a bunch of other stuff that makes companies like Pepsi wet their pants.

And yes, Brand Building is what we do, we showcase the best parts of a brand, we turn cold corporates into people we know (and like), our job is to engage, win people over and become a part of each person’s community, to be as close to them as their local butcher or beautician. But for the little guys, Digital Marketing isn’t about some complicated Trickle Down effect.

The guy who has a little artisan bakery in the new part of town isn’t really concerned about how Brand Building works, if your services don’t result in a direct ROI, the oke will see very little substance in your fees.

What the Little Guy doesn’t understand though, is that Social Media is the one place he will excel, because it’s the one place (and probably the only) that will enhance the spirit of his store, and the appeal of his product. Little Guys have an edge over big brands in the digital sphere, not in terms of fan numbers or post and tweet reach, but in a direct impact on his business, and that’s all the Little Guy wants.

And that’s why Social works for the little guy, because the wall that big brands set up unintentionally doesn’t exist. People want to order from the business that makes them feel welcome in the realest sense.

The heavyweights have to settle for a trickle down ROI impact, for a growth in Online Brand Popularity before they will ever see a direct increase in sales.

For the Little Guy though, his online presence results directly in an increase in sales, the comments on his Facebook page link almost immediately to the number of customers and clients he’ll pull in.

I recently started managing a fashion label, and the sales via the brand’s Facebook page and Twitter account make up for the majority of sales per month. With Social Media, the Little Guy wins.


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