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Elitism In Marketing Is Personal Branding Suicide

I understand the allure of having a multi-floor building to house your over-compensated team of minions. And I completely understand why you’d think that Bigger is Better, except that it isn’t anymore.

PR & Marketing Agencies preach the gospel of being personal, being inviting, and being relatable, but if I’ve learnt one thing, it’s that while PR people may be utterly brilliant at building the brands of others, they often forget to apply the basics on their own front porch.

The economic climate is still as hostile as ever and companies will pinch wherever they can, this means that the people they approach for projects have to look like they take their clients personally. It’s about giving your client the most bang for their buck, as opposed to the current “let’s milk these poor bastards for all they’re worth and call it SEO advice”.

*at this point I’d like to reference Standard Bank’s tv ads for Business Banking Management and how their Bank Managers make an effort to understand the language of your business and what is most important to you. [hats off]

Nobody wants to hire the elitist firm that seems to only deal with the big guns, the firm that replies to an e-mail in a way that makes you wish it had rather been an automated response, companies want to feel like the brief they give you is a living thing, a constantly evolving set of goals, something that you’ll discuss over coffee on a regular basis, certainly not something you’ll simply be “informed” about via a cold e-mail.

The point is this.

All of the things that you think makes you look professional is cool, but you’re alienating a shitload of potential clients because while you may look good, but you sure as hell don’t look personable.


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